A monument to the history of BadenVisitor experience

17 members of the grand ducal family are interred in the sepulchral chapel. Here, the history of Baden extends almost to the present day. The building is an atmospheric and contemplative place, constructed in the Gothic Revival style.

"In the seclusion of the deep tranquility of the forest" – This was the location of the sepulchral chapel of the grand dukes when it was constructed more than a hundred years ago. It remains so to this day. Experience this place and its extraordinary, moving enchantment surrounded by the green expanse of the Hardtwald forest. A special element: Hardtwald forest begins in the center of Karlsruhe, the metropolis of Baden. The sepulchral chapel is just a stroll away from the Marktplatz, the central square of Karlsruhe, yet it is surrounded by woods.